So, school is out for the year! Spirits are high, your child could not be happier, and warm weather has officially arrived. Along with all of these positive features comes one question – What to do with your child? It is time to come up with some exciting activities that will keep them entertained and learning all summer long. Just because school may be out of session does not mean that learning should be!

Aside from taking trips to the beach or to your local pool, there are so many activities that will stimulate your child’s brain and encourage them to be more curious, even if they don’t realize it because they are having so much fun! While your child may be happy to zone out while watching a screen, that doesn’t allow for any physical activity or mental stimulation.

Regardless of your child’s age, it is so very important to provide them with activities that will allow them to interact with the world around them and learn while doing so! Here are some creative activities that our team at The Pearl Realty Group came up with to enhance your child’s summer break.

Become a scientist

Let’s head outdoors! Grab a notepad and pencil and venture into the world around you! Whether you and your child are exploring your backyard, a local park, or even the beach there is so much to see. If you spot a bird, lizard, or any other animal, pretend like your child is a scientist and track the animal while writing notes of what it is doing from minute to minute. Not only will this encourage your child to be curious about their environment, but also, they will learn to appreciate wildlife.

Create a scavenger hunt

Have your child search for all sorts of items both inside and outside of your home! If friends are over, break them into smaller teams and encourage teamwork and build friendships that are made to last. For younger kids, leave simple clues that can be easily understood and leave vague clues for older children. Once the clues get harder your child will learn more!

Recycle objects

Every child loves cereal, right? Transform a cereal box into something that can either fly or maybe even a fun mask. Use the cereal box as a prompt for your child to question where the box came from and how exactly it was made. This activity is fantastic for understanding the complex world that we live in, how things are made, and how important our environment is. Not to mention, this will encourage your child to be artistic while designing, making, and engineering their project.

Transform your sidewalk 

Who doesn’t love drawing with sidewalk chalk? No one we know! This activity is very popular amongst kids and will allow them to truly show off their creativity. From asking your child to draw your home to presenting them with some simple math problems to solve, this activity is always fun for all involved.

Play improvisation games

Improvisation games are effective for teaching both initiative and expression. They are both physical and can be a blast whether they are an inside or outside activity. A very entertaining game that you can give a try is the “I am a tree” game. In this game someone stands in the middle of a circle, surrounded by friends and says, “I am a tree.” Following this, a second friend will jump in and add, “I am the squirrel under the tree.” Then a third friend will hop in and say, “I am an acorn trying not to be spotted by the squirrel.” After everyone has said what object they are in the scene, the first person can leave the circle and pick which object will be taken out of the story. The cycle repeats as the scene continues to be built and deconstructed. This one is sure to an activity that all of the children love!

Design a comic strip

No matter what age your child is, no one can resist a great comic, especially one that they created on his or her own. This will get their creative juices flowing as your child can invent their own characters and storylines. Artistic drawing skills will be gained while your child is coloring and designing characters and scenes. Measuring each box to be the same size and width is also a great tool for learning accuracy!

Do something kind

Do you have a neighbor that has been sick or out of town a lot recently? No reason is really necessary to have your child to do something kind for someone else. Bake some delicious cookies, make a card, plant some beautiful flowers in a pot – the possibilities of nice things your child can do is endless! This will be a great model that being nice, doing something for someone else, and thinking of others is important.

When coming up with the perfect summer activity for your child, don’t be afraid to think outside the box. Use these ideas, or use them as an inspiration to get the creative juices flowing to fill your child’s summer with activities they will never forget while also teaching them valuable lessons! Make this summer one where your child never ceases to learn something new!

How to Enhance Your Child’s Summer Break