How to defend your home and family from potential storm damage.

Whether you are fully prepared to handle the wrath of a brutal storm or not, it is officially hurricane season in South Florida. Which means only one thing – protecting both your home and family during the coming months is so crucial. Given the number of harsh storms we have faced in recent years, this is not the time to even remotely consider being complacent and get stuck in the mindset that, “it won’t happen to me.” When it comes to bad weather, it is always much better to be proactive rather than reactive. Anticipate every storm as if it is going to be difficult to handle and if it turns out to be nothing more than just a rainstorm everyone can celebrate.

Similarly to nearly every homeowner, you have worked extremely hard to be able to purchase your home.  You have worked tirelessly to furnish, maintain, and keep it. As many homeowners know, caring for a home is not a cheap process, but the cost of not protecting your home will be higher than nearly any upkeep project.

Every year, the Atlantic hurricane season runs from June 1st until November 30th with a peak frequency period from Early August to the end of October. As some may not know, the Atlantic basin includes the Atlantic Ocean, the Caribbean Ocean, and the Gulf of Mexico. When a large storm grows in the Atlantic, it can impact many locations on the Southeast coast, all of Florida, and the entire area from the Florida Panhandle to Texas.

If you reside in South Florida, an area known to experience hurricanes, there are some steps that you can take that will defend your home, family, and the way of life that you know and love. From picking up loose items in your yard to adding stronger windows to your home, here are some tips you may not have thought of to protect your property during hurricane season from our team at The Pearl Realty Group.

Cover up the weak spots

Leave no window or door uncovered! It is possible that you secured the loose items that you have outside of your home, but those that live in your neighborhood might not have put in the effort to do so. Strong shutters can protect your glass and weak areas of your home from being completely shattered when struck by an object traveling at a high rate of speed. We have heard numerous stories from those that thought, “Oh, my lounge chair is too heavy to be picked up,” just to find this piece of furniture lodged into their living room wall. It is always better to take extra safety precautions than to risk it for little to no reward.

Check your home’s codes

In many areas where hurricanes are nothing out of the ordinary, local codes will mandate that certain protective measures be taken. Since roofs are prone to damage, many housing codes require that fastening systems be utilized so that none are completely taken off. To prevent damage from storm surges, many new homes are required to be raised in order to prevent homes from being moved and then those inside are trapped and risk enduring negative consequences. Be sure that your home has proper tie-downs, has embedded connectors, and is raised to the height that those in your area require. Downspouts and gutters should absolutely not be overlooked either, make sure that all drainage systems are clear, which will prevent damage from water when heavy rains take place.

Listen to your weatherman 

If your local weatherman is freaking out over the severity of a storm, there is likely a good reason why. Bring your garbage cans inside, put patio furniture into a shed, and make sure that items such as grills are tied down. When traveling quickly, a grill can and will cause a ton of damage to a home.

Strengthen your doors

With little effort, a loose or weak door can completely take flight off of the hinges or will crack open under the pressure of strong winds. Once the wind penetrates your home, there is no limit to the damages it can cause. The extra money that you can spend on strengthening your door and entryways will be completely well spent.

Aside from storm damage, a strong door will also keep out any unwanted visitors that venture on to your property! This will make sure that your home and family are completely safe and sound and that you have the peace of mind needed to enjoy your life. No one enjoys living a life filled with stress!

Call your insurance company

If you do not have hurricane insurance, then it is time to reconsider. With storms predicted to get even harsher in the future, protecting your home and your loved ones is so important. Stop by and speak to an insurance company once you finish reading this if your home remains unprotected, you will thank us!

When all is said and done, having a safe and comfortable home to return to with a loving family is everything. So utilize these tips to your advantage and be proactive! Even when a bad storm strikes, it is great to know you did everything in your power to defend the aspects of your life that mean the most.

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How to Boost Your Home’s Protection This Hurricane Season