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    What Your Home Inspector Wishes You Knew

    Home inspections are always a nerve wracking experience for anyone involved. While it’s a nail biting moment for homeowners, it can also be an equally frustrating one for the inspector. They are just doing their job and you can unintentionally be making a hard job more difficult than the inspection process needs to be. Even though this may be a stressful ordeal, it is possible for all involved to be happy with the results. To make your inspection process more enjoyable than ever, here is some information your home inspector wish you knew from our dedicated team at The Pearl Realty Group!


    Keep your pets locked up

    Sure your dog may love guests or your cat might just be curious about this new human in its domain but it can be difficult for a home inspector to properly do their job with a furry friend following them around. Lock up your pet or get them out of the house for a few hours to ensure your home inspector can focus completely on their job.


    Clean your house

    Another thing that can make a home inspector’s job harder is trying to climb over and navigate around clutter in your home. You might be used to it but it’ll be hard to get a proper inspection. In fact, it could even give you a worse end result than what really is. Tidy up a bit to ensure the best inspection possible.


    Every house has defects

    If your inspection results in a few defects don’t panic, every home has them. A defect also isn’t necessarily a bad thing. When your home inspector reports a defect to you can stay calm and ask them a few questions about it if you want some reassurance. If a defect comes up don’t let it cause you to have a mild panic attack, you can ask your inspector about it and they will assist you.


    The Inspection Take Times

    A proper home inspection can some time, even up to 3 hours in some cases depending on the size of the home. Don’t worry if it’s taking longer than you thought it would, your inspector is just being thorough. The best thing to do is prepare for a long and detailed process. Sure, it may take a while but it will be great for you in the long run especially when it comes to properly selling your home.


    When it comes to selling your home, all parties involve want the transition into a new residence to be as seamless as possible and a major portion of this is making it through the home inspection process. To guide you through the ins and outs of your next move, our passionate team at The Pearl Realty Group is here. To keep up-to-date with real estate trends, our team of realtors, and our company, follow our blog or our social media pages!

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